The Thesis. . .

At the University of Maine, I was enrolled in the Honors College. To complete this program, students are required to take certain courses and in their senior year write a thesis. I decided, for my project, to create a method book for clarinet.

As a folk musician, I was interested in learning about how one would teach ear training skills right from the beginning as a fundamental part of learning an instrument, and I also wanted to learn more about the Kodaly Method. (I should say that while in college I found that my ear training skills improved hugely when I started singing more.) I ended up creating a book where the student has to sing every exercise before playing it, and the exercises are designed to progress from easy to difficult in regards to sight-singing and also playing. I am really pleased with the result! I still have things I would like to add and edit in it, but I have used it in my private lessons and I was impressed with how well the students did. I created it to be used with a teacher and student, but I think that with some changes here and there, it could also be used by someone who wants to teach themselves clarinet and sight-singing/ear training.

If you would like to glance through my method book (I'm very proud of it, so you should take a look!) here is a link to the pdf:

Sing and Play: A Method Book for Beginning Clarinet (This file is 32 MB.)